GALLERY: Preview night of Megan Broadmeadow’s exhibition Astro Raggi

A selection of images from the preview evening of artist Megan Broadmeadow’s exhibition Astro Raggi.

Astro Raggi is available to view in the Plymouth Arts Centre galleries until January 7th. The exhibition is free and open to all.

This exhibition takes us inside the mind and machines of Pasquale Quadri, the Italian inventor who revolutionised the world of disco lighting from his mother’s kitchen table. Broadmeadow’s installation of sculptural and video works is inspired by disco lights such as the Astro Raggi, AstroDisco, Golden Scan and Sharpy, which were the first to synchronise to rhythms with their extravagant multicoloured beams.

Photos courtesy of Bethany Ditchburn

img_61022 img_6157 img_6150 img_6147 img_6080 img_5970


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