BLOG: The Jawsome World of Sharks!


This July, the National Marine Aquarium is hosting an exciting new educational exhibit about the world of Sharks and Rays! This new exhibit is a redevelopment on an area in the Aquarium and will wrap around their massive Atlantic Ocean Tank (the deepest in the whole of the UK), and will be a huge exploration of the amazing animals sharks and rays.


The exhibit has a family focus, and is a fun interactive space for everyone to learn more about elasmobranchs (the classification of sharks and rays). You can discover the basics; what makes a shark a shark and how rays breath, whilst learning all about these creatures that so many have misunderstood through the media.


We’re excited to have the team from the National Marine Aquarium with us at our Friday and Sunday screenings of Jaws at Tinside Lido, they’ll be talking about shark conservation and also showing shark themed artefacts from the upcoming exhibit.

Did you know: The author of Jaws, Peter Benchley, spent over 40 years educating the public and expanding the awareness of how important it is to protect shark conservation and the ocean’s eco system. This is said to be because he realised Jaws had given sharks such a bad reputation! You can read more about Peter Benchley’s work in conservation right here.

For more information on our season of Open Air Cinema screenings take a look at our website, pop in to our box office or get in touch online!


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