Film Review: Victoria

Victoria is showing at Plymouth Arts Centre Cinema from 27 May  – 2 June.

Arriving at the Arts Centre after a full day at work and being told the film wouldn’t finish until 10.45pm was something I didn’t want to hear. But in actual fact – not once did I feel German thriller, Victoria, dragged or did I want it to stop.

Shot in one continuous take, Victoria is a beautifully shot, incredibly moving and well-thought out piece of cinema.

Telling the story of Victoria, from Madrid, who finds herself working in a café in Berlin and a group of mates who steal cars, party hard and are involved in some pretty scary situations.

Having been to Berlin and falling in love with the city, I loved seeing Victoria partying away in the club and the four lads drinking and smoking on the high-rise roof. For anyone that has visited the city they will know music and alcohol plays a big part.

Victoria forms a bond with the four guys and hits it off with the leader of the pack Sonne. There is a beautiful scene where the young girl takes Sonne back to the café where she is working and plays the piano for him. As an audience member you become fully immersed and feel the sense of sheer joy Victoria gets from playing.

Celebrations end early and things begin to turn nasty and Victoria realises the full extent of the trouble the four local lads are in. Not before long she is caught up in a bank raid in charge of a faulty car.

For me, the hotel scene is the most powerful of the whole film and had me gripping on to my seat with a tear in my eye. I think every member in the audience could feel the sheer pain of Victoria’s broken heart – as she pulled at the bed covers, let the tears stream from her face and screamed out to no-one. Perfectly shot and timed.

Victoria is a film about friendship, love, exceptional circumstances and freedom. Although more than two hours long – not once did I want it to end short.

Emily Smith 

Twitter: @EmzJ_Smith


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