Film Review: Freeheld

Freeheld is in the cinema at Plymouth Arts Centre from 25 – 31 March.

Before watching Freeheld I hadn’t heard of Laurel Hester and Stacie Andree’s story – but after watching the film I’m so glad I now know of it.

Freeheld is a story about love between two women that runs deeper than most. It’s about courage, determination and equality – something everyone deserves.

Julianne Moore plays detective Laurel Hester – a feisty women catching drug addicts and fighting for equality in the police force. She finds true love in the form of Stacie Andree – played by the incredible Ellen Page.

Their relationship is one many would like – eating dinner on crates in their half-finished home. Watching baseball and walking along miles of sand. When Laurel is diagnosed with cancer their relationship is pushed to the limits.

Fighting for Stacie to have her pension when she dies, Laurel quickly deteriorates but never gives up hope. Joined by detective Dane Wells and the hilarious activist Steven Goldstein, they unite to rally police officers and citizens to support their plea for equality.

Freeheld is a massively important story that changed laws in America for people in civil partnerships.

A film that might have you crying throughout with scenes of pure love, humour and deep sadness – Freeheld is a must see.

Emily Smith 

Twitter: @EmzJ_Smith


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