Plymouth Art Weekender from the inside

Cara Green was one of the many volunteers who helped with Plymouth Art Weekender on the 25-27 September 2015. Here she tells us about the weekender from her point of view.

Upon returning to Plymouth after a summer back home for my 3rd and final year on the undergraduate Fine Art course at Plymouth University, I agreed to volunteer for the Plymouth Art Weekender. I’d heard murmurs of the exciting event throughout the summer and thought what better way to get involved and see what it was all about than from the inside.

Arriving at Plymouth School of Creative Arts, one of the central hubs in the vast network of venues for the event, to meet festival director, Gordon Dalton, on the morning of my first day, I had little idea of what to expect. Over the next two days I got to wear (and keep) the brightest green t-shirt I’ve ever seen, complete with badge, administer badges to appreciative children and adults, assist with the smooth running of a performance by Serena Korda on Pebblestone beach which included feeling like part of the band helping musicians transport drum kits down to the water from the Hoe, and being official photographer for the event.

I got to grips with the extensively informative map/leaflet accompanying the event and listing all of the details for all the locations and events across the city so that I could locate, inform and advise keen art weekenders. I saw everyone I know involved in the local Plymouth art scene out and about over the weekend and also thoroughly enjoyed meeting many new people I didn’t know with key roles in the creative culture of Plymouth. I got to see and experience much of what the weekend had to offer myself as I went round, Saturday had such good weather I had an ice cream and Sunday evening ended in the Dolphin pub on the Barbican with volunteers, organisers and artists alike who all contributed to the overall success of Plymouth’s first Art Weekender.

Cara Green
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