First Time at Plymouth Arts Centre

Having not been working in Plymouth for long, I am extremely keen to discover as many places as I can as quickly as I can. After having studied in Falmouth and falling in love with the seaside town, I am always quick to compare anywhere new I go to that of Falmouth. If I’m being honest it has been hard to adjust to the bright lights of the Plymouth city centre.

It is places such as the Plymouth Arts Centre that bring back so many memories and make me very quickly fall in love with parts of Plymouth I never knew existed. I stumbled across the Plymouth Arts Centre when asked to interview their chef, Sam Lounds.

I checked the cinema brochure before I had even left the building and decided I would go and see Fading Gigolo. I was due to go with my friend but he was running late from work but I thought ‘never mind – I will go on my own.’

I actually don’t mind going to the cinema alone and when I arrived at the arts centre everyone was really friendly and smiled at me. I picked up my ticket and made my way to my seat.

The great thing about this independent cinema is it’s small enough that you feel like you’re in a room, watching a film with all your friends.

Throughout the film the audience around me giggled without feeling conscious of enjoying the film, and I was able to talk to the person sat next to me about the bits I liked. Although by myself, I didn’t for one minute feel alone.

The film was brilliant – the perfect length with a beautiful soundtrack. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it’s places like the Plymouth Arts Centre that are reminding me city life doesn’t need to be all high-street shops, clubs and traffic jams.

I will certainly be back – hopefully with my friend, to show him what he missed out on last time.

Emily Smith

Twitter: @EmzJ_Smith 


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