Fundraising Deadline Approaches

Please make a donation to our Creativity in the Community fundraising campaign.

With just three weeks to go before the end of May, we are asking you to dig deep into your pockets and make a donation to help us support disadvantaged families to bond and have confidence to play together through creative activities.

We launched a fundraising campaign at the end of March and asked our audience to make a donation so that we could extend the popular Creative Play activities that we currently run here and take them out into the community including areas of Efford, Barne Barton, Stonehouse and Devonport – communities that might not otherwise have this opportunity.

The value of messy play for children is something no-one doubts – evidence proves that it’s not only fun, but also supports learning and brain development. Importantly, taking part in these activities together strengthens the all-important bond between parent and child.

Each session costs £225 to run and can take up to 20 children and their parents or carers and our aim was to raise a minimum of £900 which would enable us to run at least four workshops in the community. As at today’s date, we have raised £741 which means that we only have to raise another £159 to meet our target, so please, if you can, make a donation

This date is important because in the next three weeks any donation we receive is effectively doubled because we can claim match-funding of 100% from Arts Council England. After this date, we can claim, but only at a rate of 50%.

You can donate online at  through Paypal or Fundrazr, or in person, but if you can donate, please do it before the end of May.


Thank you



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